The mission of the Chair in Strategic Management of Information Technology is to make a contribution to the development and dissemination of knowledge on the capacity of businesses to select, deploy and implement information technologies in such a manner that they have a real impact on organizational performance.

Businesses find themselves in an environment that is increasingly complex and subject to change. The modern corporation faces an array of daunting challenges, including saturated markets, burgeoning competition from countries with low production costs, a stronger presence on the part of multinationals, easier access to knowledge, more demanding customers and shifting demographics.

In such an environment, the capacity of organizations to compete is increasingly tied to their flexibility and ability to innovate, whether that be in their organizational structure, their means of production or how they deal with customers and suppliers. Recent developments in information technologies are providing companies with the means to become more agile and a multitude of potential organizational structures, and they offer a wide range of models for relationships with customers and suppliers. Yet as promising as these new technologies may be, they will have to be linked to a corporate strategy before they can have a real impact. In this context, the Chair has set the following objectives:

  • To conduct research projects that make a contribution to knowledge on strategic management of information technologies;
  • To disseminate this knowledge in the scientific and professional communities;
  • To contribute to the training of managers and investigators working in the field.